Customer engagement breeds loyalty.

Consistent, direct communication makes your marketing personal.

When someone buys the services you offer, eats the food you prepare or visits your store, they have a great experience. They are happy they spent the money and energy to engage with your business, and many of those customers or clients return regularly. But you wonder how well you are retaining customers and clients. Could you be selling more?

You love your business. Sure, it's evolving—nearly perfect—and you'd love to be able to spend more time fine-tuning things. That is what is exciting to you and motivates you on a daily basis. Marketing, on the other hand, does not makes you smile. Maybe you've even been burned a few times, feeling like you wasted time or money on advertising or public relations.

Even a single respondant can give you a great ROI.

You can invest in marketing to people who have never engaged with your brand, or you can keep things simple and focus on lower-hanging fruit: people who have already made a purchase from you or know about your brand. Consistent, enticing, valuable communication is the key to customer engagement. With SendTree, we make it easy for you to create engaging messages and deliver them directly to where your audience is: on their phones.

Through text messaging, SendTree helps you send marketing messages and alerts to gently, consistently remind your audience why they love you. Use SendTree to communicate with staff to support employee engagement and seamless logistics. To complement other means of communication, SendTree also offers email, voice text and direct posting to social media channels.

Create a simple "Customer" list or segment your list it into different Groups such as "Lunch Special Group," "Weekly Deal Group" or "Daily Inspiration Group" to tailor your messages to various audiences. For logistics, create a "Staff Group." Message purposes could include:

  • Send out a weekly message about new merchandise or sale items
  • Inspire clients to stick to their goals or workout with a daily text of encouragement
  • Entice diners with the daily lunch special
  • Immediately alert class attendees of a cancellation
  • Alert staff to an urgent need or change
  • Inform customers that an event or store opening has changed due to weather

A simple message can help you nurture relationships with current customers, clients and fans of your brand so you can focus on making your business as awesome and successful as it can be. When people feel connected to your business, they become loyal to it. Let SendTree help you get there.

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