Strong churches
start with individuals.

Engaging people—one by one—is critical to your church, but it's also a constant challenge.

You offer programs to encourage participation, and deliver weekly messages that inspire members and visitors to regularly attend church services, but you wonder if you're getting through. Events don't always reach capacity and there are empty seats in the sanctuary.

You would like to spend more time serving your congregation, nurturing relationships with people and guiding your church as its spiritual leader, but these things often take a backseat to the responsibilities that come with your job, including communication.

Competition for your audience's attention is all around. Everyday distractions, social media, TV, advertising and other influences are constantly shouting about where people should spend their time, energy and money.

But cutting through the noise doesn't mean you have to shout, and it doesn't call for a lot of time or a big marketing budget. It calls for direct, consistent communication with your members, visitors and other groups. With SendTree, we make it easy for you to create consistent messages, and then we deliver your messages directly to where your audience is: on their phones.

The smallest nudge can make the biggest difference.

Through text messaging, SendTree helps you be that gentle reminder or guiding voice that people need to stay in touch and involved in your church. To complement other means of communication, SendTree also offers email, voice text and direct posting to social media channels.

You can create different Groups to tailor your messages to various interests:

  • Remind the men's study group of a meeting time and location
  • Pump up the youth ministry team with a call to action
  • Announce a need for volunteers to get involved
  • Send out an inspiring message mid-week
  • Let people know that a service has been canceled due to weather

A simple message can help you engage individuals to become a more active part of your church family. When people feel connected to your church, it can thrive. Let SendTree help you get there.

Why Text Messaging for Church Communications?

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