How is SendTree different from traditional text? I already get that for free!

The best part about SendTree is that it's a group text messaging service — emphasis on the word "group!" While you can manually assemble large group messages of your friends and business contacts with your regular text (SMS) service, this requires the use of your personal phone. It's just not practical for groups larger than a few people that need to stay in touch regularly, and it's completely out of the question for marketers, organizations and businesses looking to harness the power of texting.

This is where SendTree saves the day — we give you a simple way to collect your necessary contacts and then text your group or audience quickly (and without invading their privacy — members can choose to opt in and out of your public list).

SendTree allows you to send text message alerts, reminders, and notifications to everyone on your contact list with the click of a button. Instead of picking and choosing who will receive your messages every time you need to send one, SendTree makes it simple to organize your contacts into different groups, so sending notifications is convenient and hassle-free.

How else is SendTree better than regular texting? Try these features: scheduling your messages to be sent later, easy contact management, integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Do all the group members need to own smartphones?

No! That's one of the best things about SendTree — no one needs to own a smartphone, so you can stop worrying about whether your messages will only reach some of your contacts. Almost half of all mobile phone owners do not own a smartphone, so we set out to create a communication tool that can reach everyone.

Any kind of cell phone will do, because practically all cellular phones feature SMS (short-message service, aka texting) as a basic component. What's more, 95% of all texts are read within 30 seconds, so texting is the single best option for near-realtime communication with any size group.

Can I use SendTree to send emails to my group?

Yes you can! In all our plans, just upload your email contacts as well as your phone contacts to the SendTree interface. (Consider keeping them in separate lists for convenience). With one SendTree blast, you can deploy your message to your Facebook, Twitter, and to your SMS (text) and email lists.

Are voice messages included?

Voice messaging is included in all our plans.

The rate for voice messages is just 3 cents a minute (and, hey, if you're regularly sending voice messages that are over a minute in length, think carefully about whether your group is engaging with them!). Remember, though, that part of the power of texting is that they are generally opened immediately.

Can SendTree also post my messages to Facebook and Twitter?

Yes! Stop wasting time sending the same message via multiple channels. Just click a couple of checkboxes before you send your message and we will mirror it across your social platforms

Where can I find ideas for how to use SendTree?

We have collected great ideas together in our handy-dandy SendTree 101. You can also follow our blog, where we highlight use cases, new features and advice.

Can I upload my contact list?

Yes — you can import an .CSV file with your contacts. Keep in mind the nature of your communication and respect your recipients. In short, if you're adding people to your list, they should be expecting your messages. (See above about TCPA.)

Can people join my list themselves, or do I have to add them?

Absolutely — members can opt in to your list by texting JOIN to your group number, or they can join on the SendTree website.

Can I use SendTree on my smartphone?

Yes! Our website is also mobile-friendly, so you can actually use the sendtree.com tools on mobile and tablets.

Can I make my SendTree group private?

Just don't publicize your group's information — we don't, either!

Is SendTree HIPAA compliant?

If you are sending general notices and reminders (and not information specific to a patient's treatment), then we would not consider that protected information which falls within HIPAA. In this case you may use SendTree as-is without entering an additional agreement.

If your organization is a Covered Entity and intends to send protected health information, you may contact us to discuss how we can tailor the SendTree Service to provide HIPAA required safeguards. Depending on the nature of your use, you may need to engage SendTree as a Business Associate for text messaging services.

Do you offer enterprise accounts?

Yes. If you need a high-volume account, multiple admins, or international texting, just ask us.

Do you offer price breaks for high volume messaging?

Yep! Our plans are structured so that the cost per text decreases as you upgrade your plan. Here's the breakdown:

plan text voice* email
Lite $9
Plus $19
Pro $39 1.75¢ 2.5¢ 2.5¢

*price is cents per minute

Got it. SendTree can do lots-o-stuff.

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