Send text, email or
voice messages.

Talk to your group on the platforms that suit them.

Monthly billing

SendTree's pricing is super simple, and always will be.

Auto-post your messages to
Facebook and Twitter.

Maximize your reach by adding your messages to your social media profiles in a single click.

Get your own number — it's
yours, exclusively.

We'll give you a local number that's yours to keep. You can also have members text a keyword to join (optional).

Mobile friendly.

SendTree.com can be used right from your phone, easier than ever.

Set it and forget it.

SendTree's message scheduling feature lets you plan outbound messages in advance.

Got a list?

You can import your entire contact list, let people text to opt in, or send them a link to join online.

Need to take a break?

SendTree Lite is pefect for seasonal or occasional users. Park and grow your list with us — it'll be here when you need it.

SendTree Groups

Communicate with your contacts in segments. Create as many groups as you need to organize your contacts.

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