Amazing programming needs instant communication.

Coordinating and reaching individuals is critical to your organization, but it's also a constant challenge.

On paper, the classes and events you develop are destined for success every time. You precisely tailor programs to appeal to your members and stage exciting fund-raisers to draw in and retain donors.

You know exactly how things should play out, but no matter how often you double check the details, some preventable logistics issue tarnishes the experience, or attendance simply isn't what you had hoped for. Things that should be managed seem out of your control. The idea that even one individual would receive a poor experience from your organization is frustrating.

A simple callout can give instantaneous results.

Communicating with the people you rely on to pull off amazing programs and events doesn't have to be complicated. Instead, it should be simple, instant and clear. With SendTree, we make it easy for you to create messages and deliver them directly to where your audience is: on their phones.

Through text messaging, SendTree helps you deliver reminders so your audience stays engaged and alerts so staff and volunteers stay informed. To complement other means of communication, SendTree also offers email, voice text and direct posting to social media channels.

Create different Groups such as "Members Group," "Staff Group" and "Volunteers Group" to tailor your messages to various audiences:

  • Remind fund-raiser volunteers where and when to report for duty
  • Let event attendees know about additional parking spaces available
  • Entice youth group members to an upcoming program
  • Alert supporters to an urgent volunteer need
  • Announce open spaces in a class that had been sold out
  • Let people know an event has been postponed due to weather

A simple message can help you communicate with individuals so you have more time to build relationships and create awesome experiences. With SendTree, you will gain more control over logistics and feel confident you are doing things right. Let SendTree help you get there.

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SendTree Groups lets you split your contacts into multiple lists — keep one for club organizers and one for regular members, or segment the group according to address, age, or any variable you choose.

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