Being ahead of the game calls for immediate communication.

When you are able to reach parents, players and coaches fast, they can respond faster.

What happens behind the scenes in youth sports leagues is never seen on the field, and it shouldn't be. As a team coach or manager of a youth sports league, you work hard to make every player's experience great. While you deal with scheduling, weather problems, field/court changes, volunteer needs and other common issues, your players make friends, learn the value of teamwork and have fun!

You love giving kids the opportunity to shine through sports. What you don't love is when communication breaks down and parents, players and other coaches fall through the cracks. For example, three teams show up on the same field to play at the same time. You have to call a game because of lightning and some people don't get the message. A last-minute call for an assistant coach goes unheard. Trying to keep email or other contacts lists up to date and functioning properly is a headache.

Timely information is consumed immediately — with no apps required.

Communicating with the people to make sure games and practices run smoothly doesn't have to be complicated. Instead, it should be simple, instant and clear. With SendTree, we make it easy for you to create messages and deliver them directly to where your audience is: on their phones.

Through text messaging, SendTree helps you schedule and deliver messages and reminders so parents, players and coaches stay informed. To complement other means of communication, SendTree also offers email, voice text and direct posting to social media channels.

Create different groups such as "Jaguars Age 10-12 Group," "Girls Coaches Group" and "Parent Volunteers Group" to tailor your messages to various audiences. Weeks in advance, you can easily schedule game lineup reminders to be sent to parents'/players' phones. Message purposes could include:

  • Ask for a volunteer when an assistant or snack provider is needed
  • Let parents/players know about a field change or game start change
  • Alert parents/players of a game cancellation due to weather
  • Let parents/players know if something valuable was left behind after a game or practice
  • Send out an inspirational message to your team prior to a big game!

A simple reminder or alert can help you communicate with parents, players and coaches so you have more time to lead your league or team, and players keep having fun. With SendTree, you will gain more control over logistics and feel confident you are doing things right. Let SendTree help you get there.

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